Letter from CEO - State of the Art Wood Floors
Letter from CEO


I wanted to take some time to give a bit more information about myself, my company and what we do at SOTA and are most passionate about.

I began in the flooring industry in 1999 as a 2nd generation flooring company after completing my degree at University of Buffalo. I devoted my passion of all things wood flooring and rapidly grew to become one of Manhattan and New York’s premiere installation and finishing firms. I opened my Manhattan Design Showroom in 2005 and have continued to expand my running lines and custom capabilities every day since.

I take great pride in standing out in the flooring community. My goal is to provide my clients with the most organized and efficient projects, thus delivering the highest quality finished floors. I have established a strong team of master craftsmen and I believe in extensive training, education and innovation for not only my team, but my clients as well. I accredit my success and satisfaction with my projects and products through the involvement of clients starting from project inception to completion. I find that working together through the specification stages results in creating a floor that exceeds expectations in all regards, notating special attention to longevity, wear and ease of maintenance. I have the capacity to wire-brush, hand-scrape, hand-sculpt, fume, torch and smoke wood flooring as well as achieve any custom color or finish desired (pre-finished off or on site).

My material sourcing capacities have grown to encompass mills domestically and internationally. I offer the finest wood products available in a variety of colors, species, finishes and formats. Recently, I partnered with a local mill in West Virginia and have been given the ability to create a multitude of different types of client driven and designed custom wood flooring. We offer a variety of flooring options and have newly launched this innovative design lab at our showroom where clients work with either myself, or my master finisher hands on and then we mill in our facility.

My company has grown through word of mouth. I have valued relationships with clients, architects, builder, designers and developers and I truly believe in understanding the importance of being a team player. I appreciate the work my current clients give to us, and in turn always do my best to represent them in the best fashion possible. My team has learned the importance and necessity of fine craftsmanship, cleanliness, safety, and I have impressed on them greatly the respect one must have for all of our homes and project locations we do work in.


Best Regards,

Eric Herman