Greens First Female

Greens First Female offers natural support for each stage of a woman’s life including PMS, Fertility, Prenatal and Menopause.


Greens First Female is a trusted brand because of the premium quality ingredients in its formulations and its commitment to providing Health Care Providers with the information and tools they need to educate their staff and patients about the benefits of the Greens First Female Product Line. Greens First Female stands behinds its products and never compromises on quality to inflate margins and cheat the consumer.

Why Greens First Female?

Consuming Greens First Female whole food products help the body to stay healthy, active and energized. Nutrients from fruits, vegetables and superfoods alkalize the body giving cells the nutritional tools they need to thrive, thereby promoting a healthy immune system and homeostasis in the body.

Benefits Of Greens First Female

Greens First Female products are easily absorbed because they contain a combination of over 70 ingredients, digestive enzymes and probiotics, optimizing digestive health and cellular nutrition. Greens First Female ingredients are juiced, then spray dried at low temperatures, leaving all the critical micro and macro nutrients and live enzymes intact.