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Disco Fries are defined as follows: Cheese fries with gravy, generally served at diners in Northeast New Jersey.

But when the chefs at our restaurant South Edison in Montauk, NY got their hands on that basic concept, disco fries became so much more than a pile of fries loaded with non-descript gravy and cheese. They presented a platter of perfectly crisped fries—tender in the center—topped with the rich flavors of all-day braised beef brisket, cotija cheese, and fresh herbs, raising the bar far above that standard diner dish.

In fact, they were so good we decided to offer them on our menu. We’re a fine dining establishment, so we had no great expectations. We were wrong. Not only did our Disco Fries sell, they encroached on the sales of our more expensive menu items. Guests ordered them as an appetizer, as an entrée, as a side dish, or a share plate. They were a huge hit. We had no other choice but to remove them from the menu! But we knew we were on to something.

Even as we were busy opening another restaurant in Manhattan during the next year, we continued to discuss our Disco Fries phenomenon. The idea grew from one popular dish to a family of tasty possibilities. How about an All-American, based on a classic cheeseburger? Or Southern Fried Poutine, the Canadian classic with tender chunks of fried chicken? From there we thought of Carmela’s Sunday Gravy, The Chipper, Breakfast All Day and more. Our concept grew with our appetites and our imaginations. Thinking of names and recipe variations became a game—Borracho, Buffalo Bird, and one of our favorites, Vladimir Poutine.

Once we perfected our recipes, we opened a test kitchen at South Edison. In July of 2015, we served a limited menu of Disco Fries from midnight to 3:30 a.m. on weekends. By Labor Day weekend, we could not keep up with the crowds.

Now with our concept tested and proven, we’re opening our first location in April at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. More locations serving our composed french fry dishes elevated to new delicious heights will follow later in 2016.

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Alex Pirani started his restaurant career at sixteen years old as front of house staff. He hosted, bussed, served, but through it all, the kitchen was calling. And growing up in a family of avid cooks, he was destined to answer. He began as an expeditor at South Edison, a seasonal restaurant in Montauk, when it opened in 2010. It was a busy kitchen and Alex also pitched in to prep and joined the line when the orders piled up. He found that he loved the rush of a kitchen in full swing, so by the summer of 2011, he made the switch to line cook and excelled. When the summer ended, Alex joined the team at Acme in New York City under Chef Madz Reflund of the three-star Michelin rated Noma in Copenhagen. With that additional excellent experience, Alex returned to South Edison as sous chef, then spent the fall and winter at Crave Fishbar, honing his skills even further. Back at South Edison, he became co-executive chef with Nikhil Khosla. When the owners of South Edison opened Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room in New York City, Alex brought his talent and culinary artistry to the executive chef position there. After two very successful years, Alex has made the decision to take on the challenge and new experience of opening the first Disco Fries location at the Mall of America.

A pilot with a degree in Aviation Business management, Nikhil Khosla had planned on a career in the airline industry. But life rarely goes according to plan. What was supposed to be a weekend visit with a friend working at South Edison Restaurant in Montauk, NY, turned into a job as a line cook. After the summer, that job landed him with one of the most well regarded chefs in the world. Three-star Michelin rated Chef Madz Reflund of Noma in Coppenhagen hired Nikhil as one of his line cooks when he opened Acme in New York City. Under Madz, Nikhil gained incredibly valuable experience and skill. So much so that when he returned to South Edison the next summer, he was promoted to sous chef in his first management role. He was then invited to launch the lunch program at Crave Fishbar under Executive Chef Todd Mitgang before returning to South Edison as co-Executive Chef with Alex Pirani. It was that summer when Nikhil helped create the first rendition of Disco Fries: a diner dish with a classy twist. We all knew we wanted to focus on this new concept, and with that, Nikhil took it upon himself to gain more experience in the fast casual environment. He developed the program for Revolution Sandwich at M1-5 lounge in Tribeca. Now with Disco Fries set to open at the Mall of America, Nikhil is back and ready to give you the best food you have ever tasted.

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